About Us

Who is Platenspelr Records?

I’m Luuk, I started Platenspelr Records because of my passion for music and vinyl. Music is one of the most important things in my life. Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve always been interested in music; it really started to develop when I was 14 years old. Hip-Hop was the genre that spoke to me like no other.

As the years passed, my love for music grew, and with it, my taste expanded beyond hip-hop. I delved into all kinds of genres like jazz, soul, and R&B. Each genre added depth to my appreciation for the artists and their music. Around this time, I also started collecting records.

Through all the musical twists and turns, hip-hop remained my unwavering favorite, a constant source of inspiration. I kept collecting records, and I started to immerse myself more and more into the world of vinyl.

My passion soon outgrew my personal collection, and I dreamt of sharing my love for music with a wider audience. I envisioned a place where music enthusiasts, like myself, could find not only the classics but also limited edition pressings and hidden gems. A place where vinylheads could come together, share their love for music with each other, sharing the love for the art.

This dream gave birth to Platenspelr Records – a platform dedicated to the timeless allure of vinyl. Here, you are able to buy vinyl and connect with others through music and art. Platenspelr is based in The Netherlands.

My mission is simple: to share the beauty of music and the art of vinyl. The goal is to be more than just a webshop, to create a community that shares the same passion. Our limited edition pressings and non-limited classics are carefully selected so everyone has the chance to own their favorite albums on vinyl.

Each individual album is a different art piece, each song makes you feel some way. Music is something beautiful, something that brings out emotion or memories. Vinyl just adds to it. There is no better feeling than holding your favorite album in your hands, physically, and playing your favorite song through the record player.

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