Cise Greeny – Thinking Cap (Testpressing 1xLP)


1. The Next Episode (INTRO)
2. Aquilaria
3. Yard Runners (feat. DFNS)
4. Wind Surf
5. Spliffy Dons (feat. AASIR)
6. Not For Resale
7. AASIR’S Interlude
8. Only Thing
9. Nucleus
10. Verdure
11. Yesteryear (feat. Phiik)
12. Vulgar Intellect
13. All That For What
14. The E-Portal (feat. Smoke In The Eye)
15. Wasn’t The Same
16. W!n Or Lose
17. Masterful Adaption
18. Really Us (feat. DFNS)
19. On The House (OUTRO) (feat. Hooks Arthur)

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Cise Greeny presents The Thinking Cap.

This version is a testpressing and was released with an limited quantity.

This release was only available via Copenhagen Crates. Pressed on black vinyl.

Mint/Mint. Perfect condition.

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Dimensions 33 × 33 cm


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