Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side A (180g 1xLP)


1. Murders in Maxfields
2. Blessed Times (ft. AA Rashid)
3. Mariota (ft. Stove God Cooks)
4. Vogue Cover (ft. Stove God Cooks)
5. Margiela Split Toes (ft. Mach-Hommy)
6. Draymond (ft. Stove God Cooks)
7. Peri Peri (ft. Rome Streetz)
8. Right Now (ft. Stove God Cooks, Jadakiss)
9. Westheimer (ft. Boldy James, Sauce Walka)
10. Bash Money (ft. Lil Wayne)
11. Claire’s Back (ft. Conway the Machine, Benny the Butcher)
12. Spoonz (ft. Conway the Machine)
13. 716 Mile (ft. Boldy James)

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Westside Gunn’s first project with Griselda Records was the mixtape titled “Hitler Wears Hermes.” Although the title garnered attention and controversy due to its reference to Adolf Hitler, Gunn clarified that the name is a playful twist on “The Devil Wears Prada.

Hitler Wears Hermes 8 represents Gunn’s most ambitious work to date, consisting of two ‘discs’ featuring a total of 33 songs. Nonetheless, these two discs provide distinctly contrasting experiences.

The first side, named ‘Sincerely Adolf ‘ or ‘Side A’ undeniably conveyed Gunn’s most polished contribution to the series. Side A features artistst like: Lil Wayne, Boldy James, Conway The Machine and more.

This album was released on vinyl by Daupe! with an limited quantity.

This exact version is the 180g version, limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Mint/Mint, perfect condition.

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Dimensions 33 × 33 × 1 cm


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