Mickey Diamond & Big Ghost LTD – Gucci Ghost II (In-store exclusive 1xLP)


1. Tax Evasion (Intro)
2. Paolo’s Ghost
3. Vanity Fair (feat. Hus Kingpin & Mondo Slade)
4. Gucci Godzilla
5. Gold Grill Villains (feat. Eddie Kaine & Mooch)
6. Aldo’s Interlude
7. Nowhere To Run
8. Dapper Dan War Suits
9. Blood On The Runway (feat. Substance810, Josiah The Gift, Big Trip, Pro Dillinger, Snotty. & Mvck Nyce)
10. Death By Designer

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The second collaboration between Mickey Diamond and Big Ghost LTD, a follow-up to Gucci Ghost.

This vinyl was released with an limited quantity of 100.

This release is a in-store exclusive, only available in De Rapwinkel store in The Netherlands. Pressed on translucent green vinyl. Mint/Mint, perfect condition.

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 cm


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