MIKE – Renaissance Man (Black 1xLP) [Signed]


1. Negro World (feat. Joygill Moriah)
2. Sidewalk Soldier (WatDaPolicies4?) [feat. Anthony Marshall]
3. Goliath (feat. Anthony Marshall)
4. Decision Tower
5. Time Will Tell
6. Why I’m Here (feat. redLee)
7. Resistant Man (feat. Adé Hakim)
8. Mother of God (feat. V. Bonema)
10. Peace Offering (feat. Fleece Files)
11. For the Nation (feat. Kam Young & King Carter)
12. Rebirth – Outro

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MIKE presents Renaissance Man.

This release was available via Lex Records. Pressed on Black vinyl. SIGNED by MIKE.

Near-Mint/Mint. Perfect condition, only opened for the signature.

As visible on the photos, the back has some marker stains. this happened when the vinyl was getting signed, the vinyl touched another signed vinyl while the signature was wet. 

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Dimensions 33 × 33 cm


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